Making Distracted Driving an Unacceptable Human Behavior

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What the Press is saying

Every year distracted driving causes 1.6 million auto crashes and half a million injuries, taking 6000 lives in the US alone. Groove is now recognized as THE technical solution to distracted driving.

  • Then, he thought about how texting and driving is only going to get worse. "The entrepreneur kicks in. 'Wow, maybe there's a solution,' " Tibbitts said, recalling what he thought to himself at the time. "Maybe there's an invention that could do this that could save a lot of lives."

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  • “So if someone tries to send me a text message now, they get a message that says, ‘Scott’s driving, being protected by Groove, he’ll get his message when he arrives at his destination,'” Tibbitts said.

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  • "Being a parent, I cannot imagine getting a phone call that says there's been an accident," Tibbitts emotionally conveyed. "And everybody that's in this is in this because those phone calls are going to go away."

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  • On May 8, 2008, Dave Sueper was driving to a business meeting when he was struck and killed by a distracted teenage driver who had run a red light.

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  • People know they shouldn’t text and drive. Overwhelmingly, they tell pollsters that doing so is unacceptable and dangerous, and yet they do it anyway. They can’t resist.

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  • The National Safety Council reports that 26 percent of U.S. car accidents are caused by cell phones, but a new invention may just help save some lives on the road.

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How We Do It

Katasi Groove uses a direct telematics connection from your car or truck to the internet, to know when a drive starts, and to quickly and positively identify the driver. Once we identify the driver, we block distracting content at the network level before it can reach the phone. Blocked messages are stored and then forwarded when you reach your destination.

  • Please view this quick video to learn more about Groove.

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Groove Just Works

Plug the Groove module into your vehicle, sync your phone and that's it. Groove knows when you're driving and blocks distractions until you complete your trip.


Groove technology determines who is in the vehicle, who is driving, and which distractions to block. Groove's intelligence creates the best possible user experience for every scenario.


Katasi technology partners, including MobileIron (MDM), Geotab (Fleet Telematics), and leading U.S. Telcos, have invested along with us to help Groove limit distractions on your mobile phone while you are driving.

Leveraging Good Intentions

We believe that drivers recognize the danger of texting while driving, but the need to stay connected can often be too tempting. Groove is the tool to eliminate the temptation and helps you focus on the road.


Groove works on any phone. When you start your drive, distractions and alerts are disabled and saved in the cloud. Once you arrive at your destination, full function returns to the phone and stored messages are forwarded.


When you aren't distracted by your mobile phone, you realize what you've been missing. Enjoying the journey. Enjoying time with passengers. Time free from constant connection. Relax and enjoy your drive.