Founded by executives from the telecom and aerospace industries, we've built an effective solution to the growing epidemic of distracted driving that "Just Works".

Get To Know Us

Katasi is a Colorado-based company founded in 2010 by former space entrepreneur Scott Tibbitts. The Katasi team has created patented techniques for network-based and vehicle-motion-triggered distracted driving solutions, bringing to life the technologies that make Groove possible.

Plug the Groove module into your car, sync your phone, and that’s it! Groove knows when you’re driving and works with your mobile phone carrier to block distractions until you are safely at your destination.

Groove works with any phone. When you start your drive, distractions and alerts are blocked and saved by your mobile phone carrier. Once you arrive at your destination, full functionality returns to the phone and stored messages are sent.

Meet the K-Team

Scott Tibbitts 

Founder, Inventor, Storyteller

  • 30 years entrepreneurial experience
  • CEO / Founder of Starsys Research
  • Co-Founder: eSpace Center for Space Entrepreneurship
  • Official storyteller at Niwot Elementary School
  • Most likely to spend free time in Australia, FINALLY learning to surf

Doug Sparks 

  • 30+ years of broad business experience for both large and small companies, including extensive experience as a top performing executive and consultant

Kevin Krause 
VP, Sales & Strategy

Focused, Strategist, Trusted 

  • 15+ years in IoT and millions of devices
  • Cellular carriers, embedded designs and total solutions
  • “Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower” – Steve Jobs
  • Most likely to pedal for hours and have nothing to remember

Anthony Hollis 
VP, Australasia

  • 40+ years of senior executive experience including business strategy, managing high-performance teams, running businesses, sales, innovation, fund raising and advisory

Michelle Beard 
Director of Business Operations

Do-er of of everything that needs getting done

  • 30 years entrepreneurial and business management experience
  • Hard skills are abundant, soft skills are limitless
  • Fierce tennis competitor
  • Most likely to be up at 2 A.M. watching Roger Federer win the Australia Open live

Eric Wolff 
Full Stack & Mobile App Developer

Programmer & Coder, Chic Industrial Loft Buff

  • 8 years Software Development experience
  • Expert in big data systems and cloud service architectures
  • Writes features, determines how to break them, then builds them better, stronger and faster
  • Most likely to find beams and expose them

Tom Major 
Exec. Advisor & Corp. Secretary

High-Tech Executive, Fly Fisherman

  • 34 years in a number of high-tech companies with executive roles in sales, marketing, strategy, operations and engineering
  • President & COO Starboard Storage Systems
  • SVP – Seagate Technology
  • CSO – Lefthand Networks
  • VP/GM Storage Tek
  • Most likely to spend six hours on a river getting a trout to think a bundle of horse hair on a hook is a mayfly

Kenneth Crawford 
Systems Architecture

Leader, Technical Manager, Outdoorsman

  • 12 years Technical Management
  • Integrated Product Team Lead – Northrop Grumman
  • Experienced Consensus Builder and Crisis Manager
  • Most likely to try and start a campfire by rubbing two sticks together

Stopping distracted driving is a team effort. Each member of our company plays an important role.

At Katasi, we value flexible work schedules and work/life balance. We make our hours count, produce quality work during those hours, then go home and play hard. At Katasi, we don't bring our egos. We all have the same goal, after all -- to save lives through preventing distracted driving. We use our unique strengths to support each other to meet this goal.

Open Positions

Director of Technology/Senior Software Architect


We are looking for a Director of Product Technology/Senior Software Architect that is both an accomplished software architect (Java, iOS, Android, Kotlin) as well as a Director of Technologies integral to our product (vehicle telematics that integrate with our software, and integration of our software with telecommunication networks).  Most importantly, you are an individual that would like to apply their talent to save lives.

Ideal candidates will serve as the Director of Technology for a small developer team to coordinate the launch of the world’s first network-level, SaaS distracted driving solution, integrating development of several codebases which come together to form our Groove product.

Katasi is a Colorado-based software technology company, deploying Groove, the first network-level distracted driving solution to an epidemic that is killing thousands every year.

We are about to quickly scale our technology, as we have recently implemented the production system with a top five US trucking company and are targeting opportunities with additional commercial-vehicle companies.  Our developers are as talented as anyone you have worked with. We are looking for similar talent that is looking for a challenging problem set and an opportunity to apply their expertise to create a product with global impact.

Salary is competitive with the Denver metro market and the benefits are great, including compensation for ski passes, paid gym memberships, free bike tunes and a fun, challenging work environment.


  • Work with management to coordinate the workload, priorities, and schedules for a small development team
  • Manage client relationships and system implementations
  • Manage and interface with SME’s of our technology partners (Telcos and vehicle telematics providers)
  • Define and document business and technical design requirements and coordinate between senior leadership and the development team to establish work plans
  • Ensure technology solutions support the needs of the client
  • Define and coordinate work on internal Katasi analysis tools
  • Troubleshoot and analyze system implementation issues

Technical Requirements

  • 7+ years of back-end software development experience in a JVM language (Kotlin a plus)
  • Experience working with document-based databases, preferably MongoDB
  • Experience with Spring a plus
  • Product engineering expertise: enthusiasm and ability to learn, lead and integrate Telco technologies that enable our software product
  • Experience scaling a production application, including identifying common bottlenecks before they occur, and the ability to diagnose performance issues after they occur
  • Requires Redis and RabbitMQ or similar and an understanding of their use cases
  • Android development experience is a plus, ideally including SDK development experience
  • Strong hunger for and skill to code
  • Knowledge and experience with our stack, which includes Java, Android, and ideally iOS
  • Awareness of how processes can communicate with each other, limitations on app functionality imposed by the OS, permissions, notification handling across API levels
  • Knowledge of architectural best practices (DI, MVVM/MVP or similar)

Additional Detail

Our back end is built on Spring and MongoDB and designed around scalability. We’re poised to process large amounts of data and we make heavy use of Redis and RabbitMQ to avoid bottlenecks and ensure that we can handle sudden increases in throughput. Big data experience and an understanding of the problems that occur at scale are essential for this role. We’re looking for software developers that can produce efficient code and plan architecture around the vague or unstable requirements that often arise in the startup world. DevOps experience is a plus, we plan on moving from Heroku to AWS and already have some data ingestion infrastructure within AWS.

Our Android app is a parallel focus right now, and ideally candidates would have an understanding of the Android system and experience with SDK development.

The role requires an enthusiasm and skill in managing/overseeing/understanding non-software partner technologies that are necessary for product success.