While 98% of drivers surveyed believe that texting while driving is dangerous, 66% admit to doing it (CITA). Our technology helps drivers change their habits.

Our Story

In 2008, Scott Tibbitts arrived for a meeting in Denver, CO with Dave Sueper: husband, father of two, and vice president of an engineering company Scott was looking to work with. Even though Scott and Dave had never met -- this was to have been their first meeting -- Scott was stunned to learn that Dave had been killed in a two-car crash only hours earlier on his way to the office.

The cause of the crash? The driver of the other vehicle had been distracted by his phone and ran a red light before crushing Dave's car.

Like Dave, Scott was a husband and father of two.

Scott was profoundly affected by the thought that a family had just been devastated by an action both mindless and tragic. "I could not shake this idea that I had just driven through the same intersection. If the meeting had been scheduled two hours earlier, that could have been me. And it would have been Jackie getting that phone call: 'I'm so sorry, but there's been an crash.'" In a 2014 Yahoo! News interview with Katie Couric, Scott said, "This whole thing kind of went deep inside me. It wouldn't let go -- this feeling -- it just wouldn't let go."

That tragic event catalyzed Scott's commitment to develop a technology to prevent distracted driving.

In 2010, Scott and a team of successful Colorado-based technology entrepreneurs founded Katasi to create Groove, the world's first Cloud-based solution to distracted driving.

We Believe ...

We get it. The beeps, chirps, buzzes, and squawks from your pocket or purse are powerful and hard to resist. Don’t blame yourself; they were designed to grab your attention.

We believe you have an even greater power within you--the power to change your habits--and we’ve designed Groove to help you.

It’s simple to install and works automatically to block distractions from your phone while you are driving.
Join Groove and keep our roads safe.

We believe you can live beyond your phone.

Because when you’re driving, your focus on the road could be just the thing that saves your life--and the life of someone else.

We believe you can relax and enjoy the drive.

So settle in to the driver’s seat. Go ahead - get comfy. Listen to your favorite tunes, absorb the view, and be “in the moment” with your family and friends.