Groove by Katasi connects to the Cloud, letting your mobile phone provider know when you are driving and blocking distractions at the source so you can focus on the drive.

How is Groove different from other distracted driving technologies?

We were hoping you’d ask. Groove is the only solution that just works. Groove by Katasi does not require apps to block distractions (although we do recommend you download a cool dashboard to increase performance). It is the only solution that is compatible with any phone--yes, even iPhone! It is the only distracted driving solution that works with your carrier to stop distractions before they reach your phone. Bottom line? It just works.

Safe. Secure. Focused.

The only solution that works with any phone.

Intelligent system that knows when, and when not to, block distractions.

The Groove module plugs into a socket under your steering wheel and is compatible with all vehicles made since 1996.

30 second setup

The only carrier level solution.

Can work with or without software on your phone