Ensure Your Drivers Are Focused on the Drive

Eliminating the Liability of Distracted Driving


  • Groove is the only fleet solution that Just Works: It blocks what it should, when it should, and doesn’t frustrate your drivers by blocking what it shouldn’t, when it shouldn’t.
  • Groove is the only fleet solution that is positive and verifiable. Groove is almost impossible to thwart, and cannot be disabled by removing an app or turning off Bluetooth. If a driver does try to thwart Groove, the fleet manager is immediately notified.
  • Fleet managers can configure Groove to their specific business needs, allowing capabilities such as navigation or proprietary applications to be allowed while distracting content is blocked.
  • Groove can be configured to allow limited safe capabilities of a proprietary application while driving and allow full capability when the vehicle is stopped.
  • Groove is easy to override in an emergency and 911 calls are always allowed.