Groove: The first in-network distracted driving solution for commercial fleets

Eliminating the Liability of Distracted Driving

  • The only fleet solution that Just Works: It blocks what it should, when it should, and doesn’t frustrate your drivers by blocking what it shouldn’t, when it shouldn’t
  • The only effective solution for both iPhone and Android
  • The only solution that does not require an app on the phone
  • The only fleet solution that is positive and verifiable. Groove cannot be thwarted: it cannot be disabled by removing an app or turning off Bluetooth

  • Recognized by industry experts as the only truly effective solution
  • SaaS solution, no additional hardware required
  • Works with existing MDM and Telematics solutions
  • No app-level blocking = no battery drain
  • Data reports showing percent, miles, and hours driven without phone distractions
  • Configurable to specific fleet needs, configurable to allow capabilities such as navigation and proprietary apps
  • Drivers get home safe

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