Times Have Changed

posted on October 18, 2020 by Katasi in from Scott

Times Have Changed

Four years ago, we would be in a conference room discussing network-level distracted driving with Telco exec’s, insurance company execs, or technology partners, when about 15 minutes into the meeting some 50ish-year-old exec would say “The Gen-Zs and Millenials can’t control themselves. They need this technology.” And those around the table would nod. 

That ship has sailed. 

Four years later, in similar conversations with similar groups, about 15 minutes in – and after a long pause – some 50ish-year-old exec will say, “I would buy this technology. I can’t help myself, and I’m going to hurt someone.” And those around the table nod. 

The reasons are the same.  “I have the self-control to be safe.” Then the phone chimes, and there is an immediate reaction of “what am I missing?” – closely followed by, “I’ll just take a quick look. I’ll be careful. Just sending this one text isn’t dangerous.”

As a kind of anecdotal research, we started asking our FedEx and UPS drivers how bad distracted driving is and who are typically the worst offenders, as they are constantly able to see other drivers in their cars due to how elevated their truck seats are. The answers are consistent: distracted driving is out of control. What’s worse is that people know that the issue is not teens but the adults, the commuters, the moms and the dads.

Turn if off or put it in the glove compartment. Or use a network-level distracted driving prevention technology that eliminates the temptation of  “Just this one won’t hurt anyone.”