Shouldn’t This Be Legislated???

posted on July 12, 2016 by Scott Tibbitts in from scott

Groove: Shouldn’t This Be Legislated???

I’m often asked…” shouldn’t this be legislated???” yes, but… for legislation to work, it needs to support the agenda of as many stakeholders as possible…telco’s, government, insurance companies, drivers… and needs to be thought out so that all involved say “yes” … with distracted driving, we are all on the same side … this needs to stop … can legislation be written that everyone agrees with … two suggestions:

  1. During the graduated drivers license period from when a 15 year old has their learners permit, till they are 17 years old, in states where any cell phone use is prohibited, the mobile phone provider shall provide, and the new driver be required to use, a technology that will limit phone use from the mobile phone provider network when the new driver is driving. The telco can charge a fair price for this service, which shall be incorporated into new drivers license fees.
  2. Each mobile phone provider shall be able to limit the capability to limit distractions sent to a phone when a phone user is driving, at a fair price, for customers desiring such a service and willing to pay the fee.

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