Be the safer carrier

Be recognized as a Carrier truly committed to stopping distracted driving:

  • Katasi is a technology partner to the world’s leading MNOs and MVNOs. We license technology, software and IP that allow Telcos to leverage their network and connected vehicle technologies to stop distractions before they reach the drivers phone.
  • Katasi invented network-level distracted driving control in 2004. Our IP and patent portfolio includes patents for network-level control as well as the supporting technologies that ensure that Groove Just Works.
  • Groove can be deployed with in-company network technology or with our technology partners such as Innovar, ( This allows a Groove pilot to be deployed in two months with production Carrier-grade deployment occurring in as little as four months.
  • Providing Groove is the most powerful way a mobile network operator can declare they are committed to stopping the epidemic of distracted driving, providing an extraordinary opportunity for the Carrier brand to be acknowledged for doing great social good.
  • As Groove provides positive validation that a driver is not distracted by their mobile phone while driving, auto insurance partnerships provide discounts that more than compensate for the cost of Groove. The result is increased ARPU while reducing subscriber cost.
  • Groove limits Telco legal liability by ensuring the Telco is providing “Reasonable Standard of Care” to their customers.

Contact Katasi to discuss how easy Groove deployment can be.