Family Drivers

Keep your family safe when they drive

  • Groove keeps your family safe by eliminating that irresistible temptation to “Just check that one message…”
  • Groove is the only solution that Just Works. It does only what it should: seconds after starting a drive, distracting content is blocked before it can reach the phone. Within seconds of ending your drive, full phone function returns and saved messages are forwarded. Groove doesn’t drain your phone’s battery, block when it shouldn’t, or not block when it should.
  • Groove is thwart-proof. When there isn’t a way to hack your way to your messages, you don’t bother to try, allowing you to sit back and enjoy your drive! If an attempt is made to thwart Groove, an alert can be sent to the parent.
  • Groove can be configured to your family’s needs, allowing capabilities such as navigation and music while driving, if you choose.
  • Groove is simple to override in an emergency and 911 calls are always allowed.

With Groove you can relax and enjoy the drive.